Let’s Fuel Development
through Efficiency & Investment

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference is working with partners to offer low-cost energy audits for small businesses in Southwest Alaska.


Benefits of Efficiency Upgrades in Your Building or Vessel

  • Improved heating, air circulation & more
  • Lower maintenance & operation costs
  • Increased value of the property
  • Reduced risk from fuel hikes

Opportunities to invest in your business and community

Who’s eligible for USDA-funded low-cost energy audits?

Small businesses & commercial fishing vessels in the Aleutians, Bristol Bay and Kodiak regions.

Not a small business, but interested in a low-cost audit? Contact us!

For more on cost & eligibility:

email: energy@swamc.org
call: Jamie Hansen at 450-2462 or Laura Vaught at 562-7380
visit http://www.southwestakenergy.org/energy-audits/

Energy Audits
A Roadmap to Efficiency

Register for an energy audit:

  1. Ask other businesses in your community to apply (at least 3 buildings needed per community).
  2. Fill out the registration form (1 per building) and send to energy@swamc.org
  3. Submit 2 years of monthly fuel and electricity consumption to energy@swamc.org
  4. Participate in a pre-audit meeting via telephone.

What is an energy audit?


Level 1:

List of low & no cost improvements to make now and efficiency measures to pursue later for more savings.

How to Use: Prioritize efficiency projects

Level 2:

Detailed building survey provides Level 1 info plus expected savings & costs for energy efficiency measures.

How to Use: Prioritize efficiency projects & invest in or apply for financing of efficiency projects.

Fishing Vessel:

Detailed analysis of vessel operations from refrigeration to propulsion loads.

How to Use: Prioritize efficiency projects & invest in or apply for financing of efficiency projects.


Detailed analysis of capital intensive improvements. Owner requests area of focus — refrigeration, HVAC, etc.

How to Use: Invest in or apply for financing of efficiency projects

How much does an audit cost?

AUDIT TYPELevel 1Level 2
Building sizeOwner cost
(75% savings)
Owner cost
(60% savings)
Up to 3,000 ft2$150$800*

Up to 6,000 ft2
Up to 10,000 ft2$300$1,600*
Up to 20,000 ft2$400$2,800*
Up to 30,000ft2$525$3,600*
AUDIT TYPEFishing VesselsCustom
Complexity of SystemsOwner cost
(75% savings)
Owner cost
(50% savings)

*Costs are for reference only. Email for quotes (energy@swamc.org)