Land Use Permit

Land-Use Permit (new)

GENERALPaug-Vik owns approximately 128,709 acres of land around King Salmon and Naknek. This permit authorizes entry upon unleased Paug-Vik land only for subsistence and recreational purposes or professional guiding. Trappers must secure a Trapping Access Permit prior to any trapping activity. No other commercial uses are allowed.

The Paug-Vik general manager will answer any questions regarding location of Paug-Vik land and easements. This permit is issued for the period from January 1 to December 31.

The permit allows temporary use only. Monuments, markers, flags and signs shall not be disturbed. The Permittee shall clean up the area used and the site restored to its natural appearance. No permanent improvements are permitted on Paug-Vik land. Uses under this permit shall not interfere with any subsistence activities.

CAMPING: Private campsites will be occupied on a first-come, first-serve basis. The permit is intended for a single camp or no more than the number of people indicated or a family. Additional permits may be required for larger groups. All materials and supplies brought onto Paug-Vik land must be removed upon cessation of camping. Each camping event is limited to seven (7) consecutive nights, except "Visitor" permit holders are limited to no more than four (4) consecutive nights. Existing campsites shall be used whenever possible, to limit vegetation damage. Campsites will be located at least 100 feet away from the banks of rivers and streams to limit erosion and vegetation damage. Campsites for fishing season will be for (3) months for tents at beach.

COURTESY ZONES: Courtesy zones of 100 yards will be observed from boundaries of all valid existing properties of private landowners and Paug-Vik leased lands. Land ownership of particular locations may be obtained from the General Manager.

GARBAGE: All garbage shall be removed from the site upon departure of the permittee. Burying garbage is not permissible. Pack out what you bring in, which includes spent brass, shotgun shells and cigarette butts.

FIREWOOD: It is okay to cut trees around the gravel pits towards the rear of the pits in King Salmon. Timber that is dead and/or down is available for firewood. Cutting or removal of live trees and shrubs (including Christmas Trees or landscaping trees and shrubs) is expressly prohibited.

CAMPFIRES: Fires shall be contained (stove, campfire, pit, etc.). Stoves are often the best option - campfires, fire rings and wood collection can scar the backcountry. Use dead or downed wood that burns completely - wrist sized or smaller. Prevent forest or tundra fires - put campfires out completely. Remove trash from the fire ring.

FIREARMS: Use of firearms on Paug-Vik land will be limited to that necessary for protection or lawful hunting. Firearms should not be discharged within ¼ mile of campsites, trailheads, buildings, waysides, or roads.

WATER and SANITATION: Deposit human waste in cat holes dug 4-8 inches deep at least 200 feet from water, camp or trails. Cover and disguise the cat hole when finished. Do not leave toilet paper on the ground. Prevent water pollution by keeping soap out of water sources. Wash yourself or dishes away from streams and lakes.

FUEL: Fuel and other hazardous materials are permitted in small quantities for recreational purposes. Waste fuel or other hazardous material disposal is prohibited on Paug-Vik lands. No fuel caches are allowed on Paug-Vik lands. Use secondary containment such as drip pans when storing and pouring fuel to prevent spills. Any spill should be cleaned up immediately and reported to the General Manager.

SAND & GRAVEL RESOURCES: Mining or extraction of sand and gravel is expressly prohibited. To obtain gravel, contact the General Manager.

CULTURAL & HISTORICAL RESOURCES: Leave cultural and historical artifacts as you found them.

MOTORIZED VEHICLES: On public RS2477 and ANCSA 17(b) easements, such as the King Salmon Creek Trail, off-road vehicles (ORVs) and full size 4 x 4's are permitted. On private Paug-Vik land and trails, such as the Pike Ridge Trail, motorized vehicles are limited to three and four-wheeled vehicles. Motorized vehicles are not allowed across open tundra, unless there is a solid blanket of sufficient snow cover to prevent vegetation damage. No track vehicles are allowed on Paug-Vik land. Prevent erosion and trail widening by staying on designated trails and road.

SNOWMOBILES: Operation of snowmobiles is allowed only when there is adequate snow cover to protect underlying vegetation and soils. Use is limited to snowmobiles less than 46 inches in width and less than 1,000 pounds in weight. Snowmobiles may not be used in a manner that harasses wildlife.

HUNTING/FISHING/TRAPPING: This permit provides hunting and fishing access on Paug-Vik land, subject to all federal, state, and local regulations. However, prior to any trapping activity, the permit and a Paug-Vik Trapping Access Permit are required for entry.

OTHER: This permit is not transferable and may not be shared, rented, leased, assigned, transferred or conveyed or in anyway encumbered. No interest in Paug-Vik land is conveyed or established by this permit.

ENFORCEMENT: A Permittee is required to carry a current permit card on his or her person at all times when accessing Paug-Vik lands. This card shall be made available for field checks by designated Paug-Vik staff. Paug-Vik retains the right to deny, revoke or limit any permit at any time, with or without cause, at the discretion of the general manager and without recourse upon Paug-Vik or subsidiary corporations. Alterations of a permit after issuance or misrepresentation of permit information will be grounds for revocation and denial of future permits.

LIABILITY: The Permittee, each person signing the permit, and all members of the party or family, understand and agree that they are assuming the risk of entering onto Paug-Vik's lands. These lands are wilderness with unknown risks, which may result in injury or death. Paug-Vik has not maintained the property and has not undertaken to post warning signs. The permittee and each and every member of the permittee's party or family, whether they have signed the permit or not and whether they have paid for the permit or not, understand and accept the risks, and release, and agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Paug-Vik and all Paug-Vik subsidiaries and their officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all liability and costs of any kind whatsoever with respect to this permit and the use of Paug-Vik lands; and further provided that those who make entry onto Paug-Vik land pursuant to a permit which they have not signed and/or paid for, by such entry are deemed bound by the terms of the permit including but not limited to the release and hold harmless, indemnify and defend provisions of the permit.

AGREEMENT: The permittee and all members of the party or family who make entry onto Paug-Vik land pursuant to a permit, whether or not they have signed the permit or paid for it, by such entry are bound by all terms, conditions and requirements of the permit. The signature of the permittee below indicates agreement by the permittee and all those who enter based on the permittee's permit to all terms, conditions and requirements of the permit.

Fees and Definitions
Permit Fees are annual and expire on December 31. The permittee1 is liable for payment of all fees

Shareholder: A person owning Paug-Vik shares No Charge
Immediate Family: The spouse and children of a shareholder No Charge
Resident Household: Any person who has lived in the Naknek, South Naknek or King Salmon for twelve (12) consecutive months. Includes household members. $50 -Annually
Non-Resident Household: Any person who is intending on remaining in one of the 3 communities year round but has not resided locally for 12 consecutive months. Includes household members. $75 -Annually
Visitor: Start date is date permittee signs permit. Limited to 5 consecutive days or Seasonal for $25.00 during summer months. $20 - Up to 5 days
Seasonal: 3 months issued/lands not for fishing season $25 - 3 months
Professional Guide: Any person making money or receiving other compensation for taking other persons hunting, fishing, sightseeing, birding, touring, etc. $500 - Annually
Scientific Research: Agency or person (s) stipulated on permit. $300 - Annually

1Permittee: Person who signed the permit or persons designated on the permit.

I have read, understand, agree and will abide by all requirements and stipulations. I agree to inform the members of my party and/or family of all requirements and stipulations. I understand that failure to comply with stipulations and requirements may result in permit revocation. I agree to and acknowledge receipt of these Paug-Vik Land Use Permit Requirements and Stipulations.


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