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If you are interested in renting one of our commercial properties, please complete the form below.

To: Prospective Tenant

Thank you for considering renting here. We are committed to providing a quiet, safe environment for our tenants; in order to do so we need to screen all tenants for past rental history, credit record and if necessary any criminal records. We do not consider race, religion, sex or marital status or anything else prohibited by law. We require all tenants that they pay their rent on time, abide by the lease or rental agreement, follow the rules and regulations and help to keep this a quiet, clean and safe place to live. We do not tolerate noise, drugs, or any other illegal activities.

Please read the Rules & Regulations, if you will accept the terms then please fill out the Application to Rent in full. We will check all references, so please be as accurate as possible. Any false information can be cause for denying you the apartment or for evicting you later. Do not sign the other sheets until you are accepted as a tenant.

Thanks again for applying.

Paug-Vik Inc. Ltd. Management

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